How Is Absinthe Prepared ?

The prices of bottled Absinthe can force a person to visit the websites related to Absinthe preparation. Well, there are but Absinthe needs distilling and if your are in the United States you will know that you need a license to distill alcohol – you also need to know what you are doing!

There are many websites with recipes and ingredients for making Absinthe(or Absynth) at home. Herbal ingredients usually include the traditional three ingredients of wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), aniseed and fennel plus other herbs and essential oils used in the history of Absinthe making, such as hyssop, lemon balm, calamus, roman wormwood, anise, licorice, angelica, sage, mint and sweet flag. The process of distilling Absinthe is very complicated and time consuming – distilling, filtering etc. However there are kits available to simplify the art of making the Green Fairy.

Wormwood contains the chemical thujone and different kits produce Absinthes with different thujone levels. If the thujone content is high the taste will be more bitter of the Absinthe.

How To Make Absinthe With Kits

Some kits provide you with herbs that you have to steep and the filter but by far the easiest kits to use are essence kits. sell Absinthe essencesto both the Absinthe industry and to consumers. They use top-quality herbs and essential oils and high tech carbon dioxide distillation to produce their Absinthe essences. The solution of 20ml of essence with 730ml of vodka or Everclear along with real wormwood and natural ingredients can give a perfect Absinthe liquor. 750ml of Absinthe can be produced from 20ml bottle of Absinthe essence cost of which is only $3.95!

The essences are also available in a Absinthe kit which makes 14 bottles of Absinthe and it contains a 280ml bottle of essence, bottle labels and a plastic measure – all for $29.

How To Make Absinthe Using the Ritual

Once you have made your bottle of Absinthe you will need to know how to prepare your Absinthe drink. Prepare with the help of following recipe or procedure.

First you will need the right equipment:-

– Absinthe
– One will require an Absinthe glass
– One will need an Absinthe spoon
– A cube of sugar
– Iced Water

Pour a shot (25-50ml) of Absinthe into the glass.
Place a cube of sugar on the slotted spoon kept rested on top of the glass.
A person can gradually pour iced water over the sugar with the help of a fountain or a steady hand.
The solution of water and sugar is mixed into the Absinthe causing it to louche beautifully.
A person can sit back and enjoy his perfect Absinthe drink.

It may take you a few attempts to make the Absinthe louche perfectly but it is easy to learn how to make Asbinthe.