Recommended Amount of Absinthe?

There is interest in Absinthe, the drink known as the Green Fairy. People want to know what type to buy, how to buy it, how to prepare it and what is the recommended amount of Absinthe to use when preparing a drink.

First you need to buy quality Absinthe, rich in essential oils and which contains wormwood. Fake Absinthe substitues on sale which contain southernwoord or roman wormwood instead of the common wormwood. Be sure you buy a real Absinthe. If you find it hard to find a good quality Absinthe then you should try making your own using essences from

Once you have gotten your Absinthe, you will need to learn La Louche, The Ritual. This is the traditional French or Swiss way of preparing Absinthe and it uses one shot of Absinthe. The instructions are:-

To perform the Ritual, you will need an Absinthe glass, a slotted Absinthe spoon, a lump of sugar and iced water.

– Pour 25 to 50 ml of Absinthe into a glass.
– Rest the special Absinthe spoon over the rim of the glass and place a cube of sugar in it.
– Drip slowly iced water over the sugar either by dripping from the tap of the fountain or by using a steady hand to pour from a carafe. Dripping it slowly gives the sugar a chance to dissolve and drip through the slots of the spoon. You should see a lovely “louche” effect as the water mixes into the alcohol. The drink louches because the oils of the herbs are soluble in alcohol but not in water and so make the mixture cloudy when water is added.
– Sit down and enjoy.

Another method similar to the Ritual is the Czech Method which is a modern way of preparing cheap Czech Absinthes. Absinthe followers rather scorn the Bohemian method.

Instructions for using the Bohemian method:-

– Pour between 25 to 50 ml of Absinthe into a glass and dip the sugar cube into it and soak the cube.
– Place the Absinthe spoon on the rim of the glass and place the cube of sugar on the spoon.
– Set the sugar cube alight for one minute to allow the sugar to caramelize and melt. The melted sugar will drip through the slots of the spoon and into the Absinthe.
– Put the spoon into the Absinthe and pour the iced water into the Absinthe to put out any flames and to cause the Absinthe to louche.
– Enjoy your drink.

To really enjoy your Absinthe properly then you will want some Absinthiana – Absinthe glasses, spoons and perhaps even an Absinthe fountain to control the flow of the water. You can find replicas of antique spoons and glasses for purchased from

So, what is the recommended amount of Absinthe to use when preparing an Absinthe drink? About 45ml or a US shot. Absinthe can be use in cocktails and you can search online for recipes.