Sites Revealed For Purchasing Absinthe

If the Absinthe revival has piqued your interest in trying Absinthe, then you will be asking “from what site can you purchase Absinthe?”. Well, bottled Absinthe can be quite costly, over $100 sometimes, and it may not be delivered to your country. Also, you may find it difficult to find real wormwood Absinthe because of some countries legislation regarding the chemical thujone, found in wormwood. without wormwood Absinthe is nothing.
So, what is the answer? is a great site with an online store and shopping cart. sell Absinthe essences, that contains real common wormwood , both to the Absinthe industry and to general customers. You can buy a 20ml bottle of essence for between $3.95 and $4.95 to produce one bottle of Absinthe or you can purchase a kit that makes 14 bottles for between $29 and $39 – an amazing price!

Absinthe Essence Kits

The Absinthe kit from include everything you need to make real Absinthe:-

14 bottles of Absinthe can be made from 280ml bottles of Absinthe essence.
– A measure made up of good quality plastic to measure the essence.
Artistic labels to decorate and label your finished bottle of Absinthe.

If you go making your very own bottle of the Green Fairy, is to mix 20ml of essence with 730ml of neutral alcohol such as vodka or Everclear and add some sugar (about 75g) if you want a smoother Absinthe. Shake the bottle until the sugar has dissolved and there you have it, your very own Absinthe.

Essences in stock sell 4 different Absinthe essences which all contain real wormwood and the other traditional Absinthe herbs such as aniseed and fennel. The essences are made using a high tech carbon dioxide distillation to ensure that you get a top quality essence.

The Four essences are as follows:-

– Absinthe Classics Essence – Gives green Absinthe containing 35mg thujone.

– Absinthe White Essence – This essence is for those who like the clear Blanche or La Bleue style Absinthes. It louches beautifully. Thujone is 35mg per bottle of Absinthe.

– Absinthe Orange Essence – This essence contains the extra ingredient of orange oil to give a lovely orange flavor and a yellow-orange colored Absinthe. The Absinthe generally louches more easily because it has an extra essential oil in it. This essence also prepares an Absinthe with 35mg of thujone.

– Absinthe 55 Strong – This essence brings a darker green Absinthe with a stronger wormwood flavor. Made for those who prefer that wonderful wormwood bitter taste. One bottle of Absinthe made using this essence will contain a maximum of 55mg of thujone. ship products world wide, as long as you are over 18, and have customer support to give answers to any queries you may have about your order or about how to use the essences. You will find information about their products and instructions on the website itself. also sell the most beautiful attractive replica Absinthe glasses and spoons such as a Pontarlier style glass and Eiffel Tower spoon – great to use with your homemade Absinthe.

The customs

You will be required to know how to prepare an Absinthe to drink once you have successfully produced your Absinthe. Generally Absinthe is consumed after diluting it with water. The ways you can make the perfect Absinthe

– Fill 25-50ml of Absinthe into your Absinthe glass.
– Rest your slotted spoon or cuillere over the glass and place a sugar cube onto it.
– Slowly pour or drip iced water over the sugar to make an Absinthe with a ratio of 3:1 to 5:1 water to Absinthe.
– Watch the Absinthe louche as the water mixes in to the Absinthe. This louching is caused by the essential oils in the beverage which are not soluble in water. They cause the Absinthe liquor to go milky or cloudy – a beautiful thing to watch.
– Enjoy now the real wormwood Absinthe drink.

So, which site is reliable for Absinthe purchase? It is upto you that you either buy a $100 bottle from a liquor site or spend $29 and be able to make 14 bottles!